Our  Aims are to:

To provide information, advice and guidance about the range of support available to people experiencing mental health issues by:

  • Setting up support groups and one to one sessions.
  • Producing publicity material including a website.
  • Signposting people and supporting them to access to existing services.
To raise awareness of mental health to reduce stigma and prejudice by:
  • Providing training and developing workshops.
  • Collecting case studies/stories/testimonies.
  • Producing materials that help explain mental health issues.
  • publicising some of what we achieve
To help people via peer support by setting up and providing:
  • Drop in sessions led by people with experience of mental health issues.
  • Supportive groups, issue-based mentoring/befriending/benefits advice through shared experience.
  • A range of support methods.

To provide and promote activities, in a safe welcoming environment, that bring people together and are designed to improve their mental/physical wellbeing e.g.

  • Art/craft activities which are designed to encourage free expression and develop creative skills.
  • Warm up exercises, Tai Chi & relaxation sessions.
  • Providing 1-1 counselling and group sessions.
  • Walking for pleasure, healthy eating, gardening etc.
  • Hosting social get-togethers.
  • Organised day trips.
To include users of the service in future maintenance of the service by:

  • Holding fundraising events.
  • Including them in publicising and developing the service.