Volunteer Policy

  • A volunteer with Anxious Minds is someone involved in an activity which aims to benefit other individuals as well as themselves. Anxious Minds is a peer support group.
  • All participants, except any paid staff, who are involved in Anxious Minds activities are, in a sense, volunteers; they bring something to contribute.
  • Formal volunteers will be introduced to the group by a board member, and will be offered an interview.
  • Volunteers to become Board members will be required to obtain clearance through DBS checks, and two references will be taken up.
  • Board members are able to claim reasonable expenses in the carrying out of their specific tasks, subject to the group’s budgetary constraints.
  • Volunteers for specific tasks will be given some clarity about what is expected of them by a member of the board. It is important that questions are raised sooner rather than later either by the volunteer or the board member if any confusion or misunderstanding arises. Volunteers are expected to be punctual and reliable.
  • People recruited as volunteers with Anxious Minds will be asked to review their situation with a board member from time to time; initially a “probationary” period is necessary.
  • Volunteers with Anxious Minds should appraise themselves of Anxious Minds policies in respect of diversity and equal opportunities, Health and Safety (risk assessment), Safeguarding, Complaints and the storage and handling of confidential information. They should also be familiar with and uphold the “rules” of our group sessions.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to take up training opportunities, and may be given some financial support for this if possible.